Good morning and welcome Rochester!

WooHoo! Today is your day.

Yep! Today is your day! Cricket has officaly filiped the swich on the towers, And those of you in rochester can now run to your nearest cricket store and get a new handset on Cricket!

Are you a new subscriber? Let me know what you think so far? Comment in the comment box below!

(Yes, I did infact get up at 3:10AM to write this post. – I’m a cricket geek. *sigh*)


Cricket comes to North Carolina, June 26th


Cricket has updated the little “Coming soon” image on there website to include that Cricket will be coming to North Carolina, June 26th and will be opening in Rochester on June 5th.

So if your drooling to get your hands on Cricket and you live in either Rochester or North Carolina then your less than 30 days in either location mentioned above.