Sprint Launche’s Sprint “MAXX”, Cricket and Metro PCS laugh.

Cricket!As many know. I love my current provider Cricket. They provide pretty much unlimited everything for 50.00/per month. or for a little less you can go down to 35.00/month and get unlimited minutes and unlimited text messages. So i thought i would blog about the launch of “Sprint MAXX” Maxx seems to be Sprint’s idea of there own “Unlimited everything” type service. So you get unlimited minutes. and … That’s all. So i thought i would post a little comparison at how Ridiculus Sprints attempt at this is.

Cricket’s 50.00/month plan includes:

  • UNLIMITED: Anytime minutes
  • UNLIMITED: US Long Distance (excluding Alaska)
  • UNLIMITED: Coverage in all Cricket calling areas
  • UNLIMITED: 411 directory assistance
  • UNLIMITED: Mobile web access
  • FREE text & picture messaging
  • Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-way Calling, & Call Forwarding
  • No credit checks or Contacts (Like prepaid phone’s)
  • Unlimited 411 for 4.00/month
  • Superior Support

Sprint’s “Sprint MAXX” plan includes

  • Unlimited local minutes (You can call to Area codes in your state with your Maxx minutes, Other area codes are extra.)
  • Some guy named “bob” located in india breaking your phone more than when you started Providing “Top notch customer support!”
  • Unlimited data. (local only)
  • A glorious credit check and 2 year agreement.

Keep workin’ at it sprint. Keep workin at it.