Hello Del Rio and Eagle pass.


WooHoo! Your in! Del Rio and Eagle pass are now going to be the newest states in the Cricket network. No official date yet but your in! Should be before the end of the year. (Or when the horrific rain you guys are getting stops so they can put the towers up! LOL)


Cricket gets Motorola W385

picture-1.pngOn the subject:-Most likely when this come’s out it will be a replacement for the W315.-The phone will *not* work with Cricket’s future EvDo Service. Its only 1xRTT compatible.-Its very much like the W370 that Tracfone has (370 is GSM) Main differences are the inclusion of Bluetooth, Camera, Exterior Mono Display and higher resolution interior with a larger memory along with Un-Confirmed expandable memory-Includes C2 Bluetooth-Voice dialing is included-Camera is VGA (640×480 Res.)-Phone price is estimated at under 150.00 which could make it a smash hit in the mid-range phone area.

Rumor [CONFIRMED]: Fire KRZR for Cricket.

[This post is a rumor]

[Post CONFIRMED. Fire KRZR K1m will be coming to Cricket.]

Theres another phone rumor, That Cricket will be getting the Fire KRZR. For those that don’t know the Fire. Its a very deep red almost a maroon. This phone is rumored to be coming to Cricket. and will be in the same price as the K1m currently sold. There won’t be any changes in design, Just color.

Boycott HowardForums, Join the Mafia

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I’m offically boycotting Howard-Forums due to poor management of there Cricket forum. This includes:

  • Poor management of Moderation Team.
  • Poor response to there community
  • Buggy software

And i’m asking you to Leave HoFo in the dust and Join the mafia, Cricket Mafia. Its what Howard-Forums and Cricket Phone Talk should and could have been. Its a forum thats not cluttered. Instead its purely about Cricket. Nothing but cricket. Including rumors, support and tips for flashing (Along with support.) So. Leave HoFo and CPT in the dust and join CM


[This posting was not paid. Made entirely by a supporter. Don’t ask me to make paid posts. I’ll tell you to f*** off.]

Cricket launches in North Carolina.

Cricket has offically launched in North Carolina. So those of you in Burlington, Durham, Raleigh and Chappel Hill can now buy cricket service and get unlimited minutes for only 50.00/month! for more information head over to your cricket site, http://mycricketnc.com

New site. New Features. New alot of things.

Cricket has done a major change to there site. This includes a face lift of the entire site, adding of ringback tones and more. Go to http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1187197

For my write up on it.

Rumor: Caller tunes for Cricket.

[[NOTICE: Take this rumor very unseriously. The source from Howard Forums is un-stable and could just be an attmept to get noticed.]]

Another Cricket rumor has poped up. This time its caller tunes. From what i remember. Caller tunes are what you someone hears when they call you, Instead of the normal call tone. The source states that there could be a 10.00 activation fee for the service and has yet to state an estimated price for the service. More as it comes! Along with some news next week on a new phone i got for cricket (Its not one you can buy in the store ;)) and news with the launch of Cricket in North Carolina.