re-rumored: Cricket Q

This time this is looking much better and like it COULD happen. I’ve gotten a report of a Cricket Motorola Q sighting. This time it could be true. The “reporter” said that it had a Cricket logo on the back and on the front phone bezel along with Cricket clicks, WAP and everything else. It wasn’t reported if it was the “Soft-Touch” gray like Sprint, The matte black like verizon, or the Silver like verizon or if it was a custom / new color. Stay tuned as you know i’ll be watching this one VERY closely (as i love the Motorola Q)


Rumor: Caller tunes for Cricket.

[[NOTICE: Take this rumor very unseriously. The source from Howard Forums is un-stable and could just be an attmept to get noticed.]]

Another Cricket rumor has poped up. This time its caller tunes. From what i remember. Caller tunes are what you someone hears when they call you, Instead of the normal call tone. The source states that there could be a 10.00 activation fee for the service and has yet to state an estimated price for the service. More as it comes! Along with some news next week on a new phone i got for cricket (Its not one you can buy in the store ;)) and news with the launch of Cricket in North Carolina.