-EvDo- Arizona users get EvDo

If your in the Phoenix, Scottsdale or surrounding area’s you might be in luck. Customers in those locations are able to send/receive data and other web content using Cricket’s EvDo Network. The PRL you will need is 1025 or 1125 for Arizona Market’s. Avrage speed was found to be 760.00 KBPS Ballpark. Which in tests was fast enough to download video’s on Windows Mobile based Cricket phones from YouTube (With In-Sync Audio)

Some customers are experiencing a problem where there handsets *see* the EvDo Network but once the handset attempts to start a transfer is sent back down to the slower, 1xRTT Network. No solution has been found at the time of writing. EvDo Datacards are also being tested in Nashville. It has been confirmed that the price of a Cricket “Wireless Broadband” data card will be set at 179.00 with the price of service being 35.00 per month for up to 10GB of Transfer per month.


-BREAKING: Portland customers get EvDO-

Cricket customers in select Portland area’s are getting EvDO after *228ing there handsets. Some are having problem’s with WAP slowing down to 1x RTT speed’s but MMS is working and is very fast from those who have EvDo. More as it comes.