New Phones, And the inactivity explanation.

Yes, Yes. I know. You thought i died. But i didn’t. I haven’t had Internet access at this new house (and still dont. I’m doing this via a EvDo Data card) but i will be back soon. Some cool things will be happening here behind the scenes so please do stay tuned. But in the meantime cricket’s been busy while i’ve been away! Introducing not one but FIVE new handsets. Including the Fire KRZR K1m, The UTStarcomm “Mini”, The Kyocera Lingo with a Full QWERTY Keyboard, The Samsung U340, The UTStarcomm 8615 and last but certantly not least the UTStarcomm CDM7026 the prices on these range from 49.99 for the 8516 to 329.99 for the Fire K1m. All handsets are available in Cricket Retail / Cricket Authorized Reseller stores as of today. I will return with more content in a few weeks. (Happy Holidays on the side.)


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