Re-opened. The *new* cricketlog forums.

For those of you who might want to talk about Cricket in an envirement much better than the comment box, Then now is your time! I’ve redone and re-opened the Cricketlog forums. Below is the list of improvements:

  • Now on phpBB 3.0RC1 | I tried to use bbPress but it just wasn’t enough for what i needed.
  • Special perk’s for CricKet Mafia Member’s. CricKet mafia members get access to special area’s that other member’s dont. and also get mod permissions (But they don’t have to use them ;))
  • General handset support + discussion. Motorola, Nokia, Kyocera, UTstarcomm. There all there. You can get help / give help or just have a discussion about what you think is coming or what here or even what’s cool.
  • Local discussion. || Talk with other CricKet users in your area. Or discuss / setup a meet-up.

So go visit them now! Click me! Click me! There open now, I am still working out some bug’s but those should be out by Tuesday.


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