Motorola RAZR V3c Review – Cricket

This is the semi-long-awaited review of the Motorola V3c on Cricket.

I might be the first one to do a review of the V3c on cricket. But i wont get into that.

The opening.

Aaaah the minute when you open the Motorola Box. Its like opening a box of Candy. (For me at least) but the guy’s at Motorola don’t make you sort through a mess of book’s and chargers. They know that what you want when you open the box is the phone. You could careless about the book’s and chargers at the moment. So, When you open it up. Your greeted with your new phone. Books come *under* the phone tray.

First looks

When you get it out of the box, It looks like a RAZR. But it also has a few noticeable touch’s. Including the raised camera. (Probably added so that you know if your covering the lens when taking a photo. Smart.) the exclusion of the Bluetooth Indicator near the front LCD. and the nice metal surface. The first was one made of metal (Mostly.) and this is no diffrent. The phone comes in a nice charcoal gray (Or very light pink if you want to flash a V3c or V3m from Verizon onto Cricket) and as before. Slim. Very slim. Its what gave the RAZR the huge popularity that it has today. It was the first true phone that you could carry around in your pocket and forget it was there. But when you did need it. It had features, Looked slick and was nice to use all at the same time. And also brought Motorola out of a little bit of rough times.

Flip it.

Once you open it you are greeted by a very nice display. Not the largest but sure not the smallestVery nice keys (Approx the size of the iPod Video’s Screen but rotated) and the metal cut keypad. Overall a nice interior along with a nice exterior. One thing that you will notice is that the middle select key is removed (Can’t see it in that picture, I didn’t get it in there) and has been replaced by the center key on the 4 way pad. Also different is that there is no longer a Internet and messaging key. They’ve been replaced by a still/video camera key and a “CLR” key. Which can be used like backspace while test messaging or as a back key while going through the phone’s menu’s. (Click the image to see the full version.)


Power it up

Once you put in the battery than hit the power button. Your greeted by the famillar “HelloMoto” screen for a few seconds, Then by the Cricket Splash. After that your greeted by a slightly changed Motorola UI. Its like the V3’s but slightly changed so that it looks nicer on this higher resolution screen. and so that it works better with the different keypad


Click me for image. Or hover over “me” to see the image, Javascript Required.

5 Months Later…

So. 5 months later. (Year is going by fast. Half over.)

Its amazing to think that 5 months has gone by already. But back to the phone.

So June will be month 6 with the phone. And so far? Its been the best phone i’ve had in my 4 years of cell phone usage. It’s by far the best phone i’ve used. It make’s great calls. Has great service (Due to cricket). and does most anything else i would want a phone to do as well.

My rating: 10 out of 5 Stars.

Truly the best device I’ve used in awhile.”

More Information:

Physical Characteristics
Size Ultra thin
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.9 x 2.1 x 0.6 in
Weight (w/standard battery) 3.5 oz
Antenna Type Internal
Colors Charcoal
Internal Display 176 x 220 65K color TFT
External Display 96 x 80 65K color CSTN
Wireless Network Capability
Technology CDMA 800/1900
Mode Dual Mode – digital
Technology CDMA 800/1900
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Talk Time Up to 3.0 hours
Standby Time Up to 200 hours
Additional Features
Internal Storage 30MB
Removable Memory Slot No
Speakerphone Yes
Contact directory Yes
Voice-Activated dialing Yes
Vibrate Alert Yes
Predictive Text-input Yes
Ringtones included Yes
Data Browse Feature Yes
Downloadable Ringtones Yes
Downloadable Ringtones Yes, Ringtones & Graphics
Downloadable games / applications No
Preloaded Wallpaper Yes
Productivity Tools Yes
Headset Jack Mini-USB
TTY Compatible Yes
Camera Phone Yes
Bluetooth-Enabled Yes
Language Options English and Spanish
Service / Support 1 year warranty


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