Rumor: 2 New Phones to Cricket? Including Smartphone?

I only got to hold one of the two phones. The second one I didn’t get to hold or even see which company made the phone. The reason for this, I didn’t know the second person was carrying a phone that wasn’t released as of yet. I saw this person open the phone about 4 or 5 times but couldn’t make out the make of the phone. I was going to talk to her about the phone later but this person slipped away before I got a chance to ask about the phone. It was a flip phone that had the Samsung look.

But I can tell you about the one I did see. It was a Kyocera m100. It flipped open and it had a keyboard. It reminded me very much like the LG EnV from Verizon. I didn’t get to play with for very long but did ask the rep about a release date and he replied, Cricket is shooting for a July release date.

This could be a huge jump for Cricket (No pun intended) as one of Cricket’s falling points is that they do not have smartphone’s for puchrase in a store that you can just buy and start using. Even though they are very easy to find flashed by people on sites like eBay. Usually costing around 100.00 for a Treo 600 (CDMA – Used to be a sprint device)

I would also be very happy to see the RIZR get on to Cricekt. I would for-sure buy if they brought it out on Cricket.


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